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Home / Dyeing

Hank Dyeing

Capacity – 26,000 kilograms Per day

Cone Dyeing

Capacity – 24,000 Kilograms Per Day

Rf Dryer Capacity – 16,000 Kilograms Per Day

Bathmat Dyeing

Capacity – 18,000 Kilograms Per Day

Fabric Dyeing And Processing

Soft Flow Dyeing

Capacity - 15,000 Kilograms Per Day

Stanter Machine

After the fabric is dyed , It is put through this machine to achieve the required width of the fabric following the process mentioned below:- Stenter - Over Feed A simple and accurate over-feed system using Variable Frequency Drives with AC Geared Motors ensures perfect and precise Over-feed control as required by the fabric, ranging from -10% to +50% by control of motor speed. It is very simple and easy to maintain. Separate drives control the Fabric Tension and Selvedge Tension rollers. A closed loop control system with encoder can be provided for precise control of the drives.

Stenter - Weft Shrinkage Conicity of rails can be easily obtained by acting upon the individual width controlling screws of each compartment, de-clutching the individual unit from the main width adjustment control system and adjusting the individual rail to precise requirements, by acting upon each gear box provided on individual adjusting screw with the help of a hand-wheel. A suitable indication is provided on each gear box for precise control. It can also be automatically regulated as pre-programmed by acting on individual motors, with PLC Control.

Stenter - Chain Rails Properly seasoned Cast Iron chain rail guides are provided to support the moving pin clip chain. They are strong and distortion free even when operating at elevated operating temperatures and at speeds in excess of 150 meters per min. Various combination of entry and exit chain rails are supplied for different applications. Extended entry rail track up to 6.3 meters can be provided which can support the Fabric feeding device, the Steaming device, Selvedge Gumming and pre-drying unit etc. Extended exit rail tracks up to 5.8 meters length can support the conventional Air Cooling zone, Selvedge Trimmer, Chain cleaning device etc.

Capacity – 60,000 Meters Per Day