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About us

SUNNY INTERNATIONA LIMITED is in the business of manufacturing and selling home furnishing products. The company exports its products to the global corporations such as IKEA, Target, Walmart, Zara etc. According to its product offerings, the company is structured into divisions of Floor Coverings and Made-Ups.

The company has grown rapidly in the recent years. The management strongly believed that it needed to strengthen its systems and processes to make it more competitive and responsive. The management realized an urgent need for the Total Quality Management approach to initiate improvement initiatives across the organisation – thus enhancing the skills and involvement of everyone. Through such an initiative, the management also aims to benefit in Quality, Cost, Delivery and Productivity.

“TQM is an integrated organizational approach for delighting all the stakeholders (external and internal customers, employees, shareholders, associates and society), by meeting their expectations on a continuous basis, through involving everyone in the organization, working for continuous improvement in all products, services and processes.”

Another measure that is undertaken to ensure quality and establish control is the BKN Policy:-Each operator should only be in the possession of the number of needles required. The management should designate a person (other than sewer) to collect and distribute needles. Whenever a replacement is required, the sewer will approach the designated person with all parts of used or broken needle. In this event if some parts of a broken needle have gone missing, the correct action plan is to check all the ready merchandise of that particular machine to ensure that the broken bits of the needles has not fallen on to the ready merchandise or sewn into seams. The machine oil tank should be uncovered to check if the broken bits have fallen in there. The next step is to check the area surrounding that particular sewing machine by magnet (i.e. storage, flooring, other containers etc.) If the broken bits are not found, then all the pieces lying with that particular sewer will be passed through metal detector. Those pieces are marked with red sticker. The instruction will be given on wall for the 100% checking of red sticker pieces. The designated person should only reissue sewer with new needles only after receiving the broken part of the needle. All parts of a broken or used needle must be taped on the report form immediately after the exchange has taken place.