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About us

At Sunny International Limited, our commitment is to maximize and perfect the abilities of our employees. We invest in a number of processes and special activities to make sure our professionals spend their work life in an environment that draws the best out of them, while promoting integrity and loyalty to the cause of SE.

At SIL there is no scope for ambiguity in work, we have a well-designed organization and role structure, which enables each employee to know exactly what they are doing and what is expected of them and therefore focus on delivering highest quality results. This way each person’s knowledge and expertise in the related field of expertise keeps increasing resulting in better performance all around.

The staff involvement in SIL is not only restricted to the professional front. The company takes extra effort to refresh and rejuvenate the minds of employees so that they are able to work with a fresh and revitalized perspective. 
Activities such as the Independence Day, Republic Day are celebrated, plays are performed; a social club has been set up and, staff parties are arranged regularly for employee entertainment.
Various other interesting events are held such as a recent poetry and singing competition that had 100 percent participation from all the employees. Staff at SIL is honoured and treated as family members and are given respect and credit for their loyalty and expertise in whatever they do.